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Why can't I have a cleaning at my new patient appointment?

At our office we provide comprehensive care. At your first appointment, we consider it to be a chance to listen to you and your concerns and a way for us to gather information to make the best decisions on your behalf. We review your medical history, do an oral cancer screening, a periodontal (gums and bone) evaluation, review any xrays, take intraoral pictures, chart all your existing fillings, look for any cavities, problems, pathology, bite issues, and address pain or cosmetic concerns. Whew! Let's say it's been a couple of years since your last dental visit, we have no idea what kind of "cleaning" you need. Gums and bone are your support system, they hold your teeth in. Some people need 2 cleanings because they have a lot of deposits or some bone loss. Others need scaling and rootplaning (deep cleanings). We can't diagnose until we have all the facts.Priority dictates and concern for YOU dictates that oral cancer or pain needs to be of utmost concern and should be addressed before a "Cleaning". We are not trying to inconvenience you, we are looking to serve your best interest and health. It's the right thing to do and you are worth it.