Amy G. St. Germain DMD, PC

& Associate Dr. Candace Katz D.M.D.

10 Pleasant Street
East Longmeadow, MA 01028


Is it going to hurt?

Rest assured, that we are VERY conscience about the effects that past trauma has had on many of our patients. We are here to listen to your concerns and willing to take steps to avoid discomfort and make your visit comfortable and even pleasant. We try to use the laser when we can, which can provide virtually no pain, no shot, fillings and even some surgeries (can you believe it??) without "novocaine" and no drooping, numbness that follows traditional treatments. Sometimes we do need to use anesthesia. Don't fret. Topical anesthetics and technique make a huge difference. We care, we don't rush it. We've had patients say "when are you giving me the novocaine?" when we had already done it!! Maybe it's just the female touch. You are in control during your treatment. Do you need a break? Fine. Do you need a question answered, ask. It's about you.